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More Than Friends

More Than Friends: Chloe and Skye - Tabetha Thompson

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Tabetha has the ability to make her characters jump off the page, they are so well written that I see and hear them as I'm reading. A love story, friendships put to the test and betrayal, all that and then some make More Than Friends a must read. I can't recommend Tabetha's work highly enough!~ Debby- Amazon *****

The sexual chemistry is still present in this book but it is put on hold to handle more important things. Rest assure, there is still some steaminess, Tabetha knows what her readers like. I love that there are real life elements to these books. The focus in this book is still on domestic abuse but also the seriousness of drug addiction. I don't want to give too much away but I could write forever about how much I loved this book.~ Cassidy- Amazon *****

My heart was broken, put back together, and broken again. I wasn't sure I could fall more in love with Skye and Chloe but I was wrong~ Kayla- Amazon *****
Tabetha Thompson did not just write a SHORT, SEXY, and FUN novel, but she did a great job in writing a story about survival. Chloe is a survivor, her strength and courage is admirable. You can’t help but just love this girl and all those people around her.~ Book Freak- Amazon *****

Chloe Thomas is a small town girl with small town dreams. All she wanted from life was to live and be happy. She's tormented by a past relationship that she can’t seem to escape; Chloe feels like her only option is to swear off men completely. Two years later, the self-imposed “man-ban” is still going strong, but then Skye walks back into her life. 
Skye Carter left Bartow thirteen years ago an awkward, pimple-faced boy who didn’t quite fit in, but the man that returns evokes a white-hot fire inside of her. 
Chloe is the only woman Skye has ever loved and he’s not about to let her slip through his fingers again. Just when Skye thinks he’s finally broken down the walls of stone that surround Chloe’s heart, something happens that will leave them both devastated and broken. Are they strong enough to survive? 
***Contains Adult material and is only suitable for 18+